E-Sea Sharing is here! A brand-new way to enjoy the sea!

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Get on board!
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E-Sea Sharing is here! A brand-new way to enjoy the sea!

Forget the bother of booking weeks in advance, finding the right skipper, all the excessive costs, the time-consuming procedures and the pre-established tours.
E-Sea Sharing is the new sharing mobility idea that allows you to easily rent your inflatable boat and ride it in complete safety through our app. Choose the closest harbor, start your rental at any time and return the boat to our checkpoints.

A sea of benefits

In-app purchase, real-time rental, user friendly interface, navigation security with real-time parameters and advice, pay per use, rental flexibility and more. These are just a few of the many benefits that our service brings.

Real Time

On-line availability
of boats and
docks and real-time

Pay per use

Flexible pricing with rates
per minute, per hour or whatever
you like


Rent in full autonomy
with a tap on
our mobile app


You can leave your inflatable boat
in any partnered
Fuel included!

For everyone

Accessible to or everyone,
through one fleet of
license-free boats


Real time
monitoring of the boat’s performance

Rent your boat at any dock in full autonomy

“Where can I rent and return my inflatable boat?”

That’s a good question. You find E-Sea Sharing in the most beautiful sea locations in Italy. Starting from the Costa Smeralda, we will soon launch our operations on the Amalfi Coast, the Aeolian Islands and many other sea areas. At the end of your ride, you can always leave your boat at our partnered checkpoints. The app offers an integrated map providing coordinates and other useful information to find the right harbors were to leave or pick-up the boats. That’s great, isn’t it?

Our fleet

Inflatable Boats

All our inflatable boats are branded with our main and recognizable colors. Each boat is provided with a silent, fast, and low-emission engine capable of taking you safely wherever you want, allowing to enjoy the most hidden beaches and coves in peace and safety. The availability of our boats grows more and more every year, widening our fleet in various zones across the Mediterranean Sea. For all inquiries and support, you will find the Sea Sharing staff at our partnered harbors, ready to help and answer all your questions.

Easy, quick, for everyone

You grow a sudden and irresistible urge to take a boat trip

Download the app, search for the harbor closest to you, rent the first available boat

Unlock your fully-fueled boat and
let’s go!

Choose to pay per minute, per hour or as you prefer. The app updates your bill in real time

Moor at any harbor, even if it’s not the one you departed from. Convenient, isn’t it?

Our partners

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Are you ready to start your ride?

Are you ready to
start your ride?

Free your mind and start sailing! Free your mind and live your sea experience with a tap on our app Soon available on…

Your new sea experience awaits you within the reach of an app! Download our app now, free your mind and ship out!

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