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Forget the bother of booking weeks in advance, finding the right skipper, all the excessive costs, the time-consuming procedures and the pre-established tours. 

E-Sea Sharing is the new sharing mobility idea that allows you to easily rent your inflatable boat and ride it in complete safety through our app.

Renting a boat with E-Sea Sharing is always convenient. Thanks to the pay-per-use solution, you will be charged only for the actual minutes and hours of rental.

Choose the closest harbor, start your rental at any time and return the boat to our checkpoints.


You grow a sudden and irresistible urge to take a boat trip


Download the app, search for the harbor closest to you, rent the first available boat


Unlock your fully-fueled boat and
let’s go!


Choose to pay per minute, per hour or as you prefer. The app updates your bill in real time


Moor at any harbor, even if it’s not the one you departed from. Convenient, isn’t it?


You grow a sudden and irresistible urge to take a boat trip


You download the app, look for a harbor near you, book the first boat available


You go to the harbor, unlock your inflatable boat with fuel included… and then you go!


You can pay per minute or choose among the bundles available. The app updates your bill in real time


You dock in every partnered harbor, even if it is not the one of departure. Convenient, isn’t it?

rent your boat in complete freedom. No licence required

there's no end to discovery!

experience the beauty of costa smeralda

You find E-Sea Sharing in the most beautiful sea resorts inCosta Smeralda At the end of your ride, you can always leave your boat at our partnered checkpoints. The app offers an integrated map providing coordinates and other useful information to find the right harbors were to leave or pick-up the boats. That’s great, isn’t it?

Spiaggia del Pevero

Spiaggia del Pevero

La Spiaggia del Pevero is without any doubt an essential venue to visit in Porto Cervo. The beach, often too crowded to even find a free spot, is located in a cove of white sand, surrounded by a Mediterranean scrub and granite rocks emerging from the turquoise sea.

Spiaggia di Romazzino

Spiaggia di Romazzino

Spiaggia di Romazzino is quite difficult to reach on foot and for this reason is the least crowded. It is considered a real paradise due to its breathtaking view that stretches over a long beach of pink sand.

Vesper Club

Vesper Club

There’s nothing better than an aperitif and a sun salutation at the Vesper Beach Club to end the day, set right on the Capriccioli’s Beach. The perfect location where to enjoy the sea while enjoying a dj set and an evening drink.

Capo Figari

Capo Figari

Capo Figari, the Island of Figarolo and Cala Moresca are among Sardinia’s most valuable natural treasures. From the sea you will enjoy a stunning view, from Tavolara to the Island of Mortorio and dive into emerald-colored waters that are particularly enjoyable in the morning hours when the sun rises from the mountains and lights up the clear waters. And if you’re lucky enough you could also meet a couple of dolphins…

Cala Sabina

Cala Sabina

Among the many wonders of the coast, at north of Golfo Aranci there is a beach, almost Caribbean, crossed by the railway line: Cala Sabina, 300 mt of white sand surrounded by juniper and a Mediterranean scrub and also by two little capes hiding secret coves and underwater adventures.

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo and its ‘’piazzetta’’ sure don’t need no presentation: from the breakfast with the view on the harbor to a little walk among boutiques and corals, up to the evening… it’s always good to take a pause from the waves!

Spiaggia del Dottore

Spiaggia del Dottore

Spiaggia del Dottore (italian for ‘’Doctor’s Beach’’) at Capo Cerasi is a natural sea aquarium: for its white sands surrounded by granite rocks and clean waters, it is the perfect location for whoever wants to snorkel. Limited parking and difficult to access make this beach even more exclusive: for this reason approaching the beach by sea is the best solution to enjoy a relaxing break.

Lido di Pittulongu

Lido di Pittulongu

Sheltered from the mistral, the lido di Pittulongu is the favorite place by the citizens of Olbia, both for the comfort of and the beauty of the beach. A priceless view of Tavolara, bar and trendy clubs and the chance to have fun with water sports such as windsurf, kitesurf and snorkeling is what makes this shore, a few minutes of sailing from Olbia, a unique place.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

And in the evening, a ride on the majestic ferris wheel at the center of Olbia, which at 36 meters in height dominates the beauties of the coast, is a must.

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our boats

You will sail on a boat by Cantiere Capelli, an excellence of Italian entrepreneurship and the main shipyard for the production of boats in Italy and worldwide. This means the maximum comfort on board, resistance and a hull allowing an excellent sailing experience.

The motor is one of the many benefits of E-Sea Sharing. All Capelli’s boats are equipped with a 40 hp Yamaha outboard motor, the engine with the highest reliability and minimum consumption, the lowest in the category.

Its reliability its undisputed because, because when your at sea, relying on a solid and high-performing motor is the main priority, designed to sail nonstop for miles and miles, in any weather or sailing condition.

For all inquiries and support, you will find the Sea Sharing staff at our partnered harbors, ready to help and answer all your questions.

In all our partnered docks in Costa Smeralda you can choose from:

Tempest 530

Tempest 570

All our fleet is provided with awning, shower, sun loungers, radio, safety equipement and insurance. The docked inflatable boats are supplied by the E-SEA SHARING staff


everything you need to know before you sail!

How can I get to the E-Sea Sharing service?

To access the E-Sea Sharing service, simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and register by entering your personal data, contact details and payment method. E-Sea Sharing will send you the login credentials via email. Once this is done, you can view all the available boats on the map and book one.

How can I book a boat?

Once identified the available boat, you can book it via App. The reservation lasts a maximum of 15 free minutes, to which a further 5 minutes can be added. If you decide to cancel the booking or the booking time has expired, the boat is made available again and can be booked by other Customers. In this case you will not be able to book the same boat twice consecutively for 60 minutes from the expiry or cancellation of the previous booking. Remember booking a boat only when you actually plan to use it within the maximum 20 minutes. If you are on the quay near an available E-Sea Sharing boat, you can immediately use it without a reservation.

How can I unlock a boat?

Once you have registered and logged in and reached the available boat, you can unlock it by entering on your smartphone the unique code of the boat that you will find on the windshield, consisting of the name ESEA followed by two digits.

What are the necessary steps to get out of the port?

a. Before starting the engine make sure that it is in good condition and clean; if not, send a report to E-Sea Sharing by answering the questions you will find in the service activation process.
b. Before getting on board, remember to remove your shoes and store these and any objects that could get lost during navigation in one of the lockers on the boat.
c. Remove the key from the relative magnet placed in the locker under the driver’s seat, wrap the lace around your wrist and attach the safety key under the throttle as shown in figure 1.
d. Put the throttle in neutral position and start the engine. Warning: if the safety key is not inserted correctly and the throttle is not in neutral, the engine will not start!
e. Remove the carabiners from the bitt first in the stern (1) (behind) and then in the bow (2) (forward), as shown in figure 2. In case of need, ask the E-Sea Sharing staff or the port staff for help.
f. Once the boat is free, shift into gear very slowly to get out of the berth. When maneuvering, pay close attention to other nearby boats and the submerged ropes to which they are anchored. Inside the port, always keep in the center of the free space between two rows of boats and move at a very limited speed, maximum 3 knots.

Connection of safety key under the throttle

Bitts to release from the ropes: first at the stern (1), then at the bow (2)

What rules must I observe during navigation?

– You can use the service only if you are 18 and have a valid ID. You cannot leave the guide to other people: if you have activated the service, you are the only responsible for the guide, the people on board, the boat and the equipment.
– You cannot drive the boat if under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
– The boat must be conducted in compliance with the Code of Navigation, the Civil Code, the Penal Code and the ordinances of the competent local authority.
– Stay above 200 m. from the coast in the bathing areas, at a distance of at least 100 m. from the rocky walls and from any signal at sea (eg buoys, top marks, etc.). –
Always keep a moderate speed and do not take your eyes off course, so that you can intervene in time in case of a danger at sea.
– Be careful not to cause damage to yourself, to others, to the boat or anything else because any costs resulting from your carelessness will be charged to you.
– When driving a boat always make sure you have enough fuel to go back to port. The cost of any intervention at sea if you find yourself adrift will be charged to you.

How can I anchor a boat?

If you want to anchor, put the engine in neutral and check the seabed. If you don’t see the seabed or it is rocky, you can’t drop anchor! If you see the sandy seabed, take the anchor from the locker at the bow (forward) and throw it into the sea holding the rope firmly (the system consists in order of: anchor – chain – rope), as in figure 3. When you throw the anchor pay attention to people and things and remember to slide the rope along the rigid tip of the boat and not along the tubes. When the anchor touches the bottom, leave a few more meters and fix the rope to the bow bitt, as shown in figure 4. Wait to stop completely and turn off the engine.

Bow locker with rope, chain and anchor

Knot at the bitt

Can I access the areas of competence of natural parks or marine protected areas?

On board an E-Sea Sharing boat you can access the areas of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park but remember to buy an entrance ticket on here. However, access to the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo is not allowed! You are in any case held responsible for any violations and you will be charged for the penalties received. Always remember to respect the sea and its inhabitants.

How can I moor a boat?

If you have chosen a daily or weekly rate package, before entering the port remember to fully refuel the boat. Enter the port very slowly and paying attention to the other boats and anchor ropes. Find the mooring point reserved for E-Sea Sharing and enter one of the free berths. If you need help, ask the E-Sea Sharing operator or the port operators for assistance. Once in your place, keep the engine in neutral without turning it off, first fix the rope to the pier bitt and to the bow bitt, then tie to the stern bitt the other rope, which you find linked to the pier (fig. 5, fig. 6). Once this is done you can turn off the engine.

Rope fixing for mooring: first at the bow (1), then at the stern (2)

Carabiners fixing at the bow (1) and at the stern (2)

How can I end the lease?
After having moored the boat, having switched off the engine and attached the repeater key fob to the relative magnet, you can drop the boat off by selecting the “End Lease” option. If you are unable to interrupt the service, it may be due to a little signal coverage: make a few more attempts, otherwise contact Customer Service. Before leaving the boat make sure that the key is correctly placed in its place, all documents, manuals and accessories are in order and in their original position, all on-board equipment are correctly placed in their place, there are no personal effects or waste left on board the boat. At the end of each lease, you will be able to consult a summary of the use of the boat on the app, such as: rental minutes, miles traveled, total amount charged.

how much does it cost?
the price is tailored around your needs, so you can enjoy the sea for as much as you want!

You can quickly rent your boat autonomously and choose if pay by the day or by the minute!

A quick ice cream in Porto Rotondo? Choose the per-minute subscription.

A dip in a small secret cove? The per-hour charge is what you’re looking for.

A tour or a planned excursion? Then the 4-hour or daily subscription is the best solution for you.

Full holiday? Choose the weekly subscription so to have your boat available whenever and wherever you want.

Just like a car sharing service, but on water!

€/minute 1,00 € 1,20 € 1,30 € 1,40 € 1,30 € 1,10€
€/hour 50 € 61 € 68 € 72 € 65 € 58 €
€/4hours 137 € 166 € 186 € 196 € 176 € 156 €
€/day 174 € 212 € 235 € 280 € 224 € 200 €
€/week 950 € 1350 € 1596 € 1680 € 1512 € 1250 €

fuel included! by choosing a 40hr booking fee

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In-app purchase, real-time rental, user friendly interface, navigation security with real-time parameters and advice, pay per use, rental flexibility and more. These are just a few of the many benefits that our service brings.

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On-line availability of boats and docks and real-time pricing


Rent in full autonomy with a tap on our mobile app

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Accessible to or everyone, through one fleet of license-free boats

Pay per use

Flexible pricing with rates per minute, per hour or whatever you like


You can leave your inflatable boat in any partnered dock. Fuel included!


Real time monitoring of the boat’s performance

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