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“Where can I rent and return my inflatable boat?”

That’s a good question. You find E-Sea Sharing in the most beautiful sea locations in Italy. Starting from the Costa Smeralda, we will soon launch our operations on the Amalfi Coast, the Aeolian Islands and many other sea areas. At the end of your ride, you can always leave your boat at our partnered checkpoints. The app offers an integrated map providing coordinates and other useful information to find the right harbors were to leave or pick-up the boats. That’s great, isn’t it?

E-SEA SHARING is a sea of freedom all made in Italy

It’s right in our country that the roots of the founders Giuseppe Labate, CEO, and Claudio Fiumara, COO, run deep. It’s here that they decided to launch the first boat sharingservice in the world, conceived and developed on the need and desires of the consumers.
Giuseppe and Claudio took inspiration from the freedom of the sea and for this reason they want to make it accessible to everyone through a quick, safe and modern app. And so, E-SEA SHARING was born, the sharing mobility start up for small inflatable boats that made of the easy management its main motto; digital and automatized, for an unforgettable sea experience.

Giuseppe Labate

Founder & CEO

Claudio Fiumara

Co-Founder & COO

Why is it so easy

Because it’s a pay per use service which allows to rent an inflatable boat with a simple click on the app.
Verify the availability of the boat and its position, book it, rent it in full autonomy and ride it even without the need of a boating licence. Then you return it wherever you want. Easy.

Choose the best price for you at the minute, hour, day and any time that you wish! Monitor in real time the running costs of the vehicle. Transparent as the sea, safe as our fleet.

Why is it so much sharing

it allows you to share a moment of leisure or a holidaywhenever and eherever you want. Our fleet awaits you on the most beautiful coasts of Italy. There so no need to schedule: you simply have to open the app to start your adventure between the waves.

Plus, you help the environment thanks to the principles of the sharing mobility.

Not only you have fun, but you work for the future of our seas! Everything about the E-SEA SHARING App.

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